Ambassador Chris Stevens Is Dead; Al-Qaeda Is Alive

Two years after the Cairo speech, the Muslim world’s view of America was as low or lower than ever, according to the Arab American Institute:

  • While many Arabs were hopeful that the election of Barack Obama would improve U.S.-Arab relations, that hope has evaporated. Today, President Obama’s favorable ratings across the Arab world are 10% or less.
  • Obama’s performance ratings are lowest on the two issues to which he has devoted the most energy: Palestine and engagement with the Muslim world.
  • The killing of bin Laden only worsened attitudes toward the U.S.

[Emphasis added]

Yes, a little over three years after the revolution of new Arab relations with the U.S., Barack Obama is being burned in effigy overseas.

And come to think of it, if the Arab world is so upset about the bin Laden killing, will the president go again to the UN and make a speech about this movie when it comes out, declaring that the U.S. government that gave classified information to the film makers, while withholding it from Congress, had nothing to do with it? After all, it’s now de rigeur, or so it would seem, for such anti-Islamic features. Yes, bin Laden is dead, but al-Qaeda is somehow still kicking.

In the administration’s feckless abandonment of Iraq, essentially negating the gains of the past nine years and thousands of lives, al-Qaeda is resurgent there:

Without American forces to train and assist Iraqi commandos, the insurgent group Al Qaeda in Iraq is still active in Iraq and is increasingly involved in Syria. With no American aircraft to patrol Iraqi airspace, Iraq has become a corridor for Iranian flights of military supplies to Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria, American officials say.

And of course, the most clear and deadly resurgence was the one we saw in Benghazi on the anniversary of the biggest al-Qaeda attack, in which a U.S. ambassador was murdered for the first time in a third of a century, and the president decided to go to Vegas the next day, after (presumably, given the incompetence of this administration, perhaps the kindest assumption is that they didn’t bother to tell him) being informed by his own analysts that it was a terrorist attack.

Now one can understand why a president in perpetual campaign mode would send his hapless UN ambassador out several days later to spin tall tales about movie trailers and deny that it was terrorism. It’s because it inconveniently spoiled the false narrative of “bin Laden is dead.”

I have a new bumper sticker for Joe Biden. Chris Stevens is dead, and al-Qaeda is very much alive.