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Amateur Hour at the White House

Any fifth-grader knows that public sector jobs, needed as they are, do not create anything. They do not expand the economy. They don’t help the private sector grow. And adding more government workers certainly does not bring down our ballooning deficit.  But these elementary facts seem lost on President Obama. Recently, the president showed the country his lack of understanding of how the economy works when he declared the private sector was "doing fine.” He also went a step further, insisting that government spending on jobs is the best way to stimulate the economy.

Our workforce participation rate is at 30-year lows. (Welcome back, Carter.) Wages are down. The housing market is in the toilet. And unemployment is heading in the wrong direction once again. Lost on our Harvard-educated president: When a public sector worker is hired, someone in the private sector has to pay for that job through taxes. Any child knows that if one wants to pay for something, one must work for it. The problem is fewer people are working. We already borrow forty cents of every dollar our government spends, but Mr. Obama wants to borrow more to give the illusion that America is working. They’ll be working alright -- working to drive America’s debt to levels seen in Greece.  It’s ironic that a kid in school should be able to grasp these concepts, but our president can’t.  At the end of the day, it will be that school kid who is left to pay for Mr. Obama’s lack of experience.

The right-wing political punditry has taken to calling our president a man-child. I think that’s too gracious. Even children have basic understanding of fundamental fairness, rule of law, and how to keep a secret. America really did screw up in electing a man who had no qualification to be president. A community organizer voting present in the Illinois Senate and then for two years as a U.S. senator hardly seems adequate preparation for running the world’s largest economy.

President Barack Obama was the wrong man at the wrong time for America. We needed an experienced leader with a knowledge and understanding of how the world truly works to rescue America and the globe from economic ruin. Instead, we got amateur hour at the White House.