Alleged Discovery of 'Real' Mt. Sinai Could Change the Middle East Forever

It may be the biggest archaeological discovery to date, but it is also the most dangerous. In an adventure story rivaling an Indiana Jones movie, Bob Cornuke and Larry Williams snuck into Saudi Arabia to investigate whether the Wahhabist home of Mecca and Medina is also home to one of the holiest sites in Judaism and Christianity: Mt. Sinai. They have each written page-turning books about their story. Dr. Lennart Moller, a Swedish scientist, has gone one step further, writing a must-read book full of images and scientific analysis titled The Exodus Case, which puts together the stunning evidence that the Biblical events of the Exodus are historical, not mythical.

Cornuke’s BASE Institute has released a documentary titled Search for the Real Mt. Sinai and Moller’s additional work was made into The Exodus Revealed. Now, a forthcoming documentary to be released in theaters titled The Exodus Conspiracy is being produced that will have far-reaching effects Michael Moore could only dream of.

A quick look at what has been found easily explains all the fuss. Dr. Moller points out that the site at Nuweiba he identifies as the Red Sea crossing point has an underwater land bridge, upon which damaged chariot parts and bones remain, engulfed in coral. The top of Jabal al-Lawz, the alleged real Mt. Sinai, is black, as if burned from the sky as described in Exodus 19:18, where it says “the Lord descended upon it in fire.” This feature sets it apart from all the other surrounding mountains which do not have darkened tops. The BASE Institute’s film shows Cornuke, who snuck onto the mountain, examining the rocks he cracked, observing that they are not merely black rocks and that only the outside had become darkened by whatever had occurred at the site. Moller has a photo of one of these rocks, which he identifies as “obsidian or volcanic glass, a mineral formed at high temperatures.”