All Americans Will Soon Curse ObamaCare

I'll start with a teensy ray of sunshine following the passage of the health care bill, since I'm in an Eeyore mood with my own special rain cloud. Mark Knoller reported the following on Monday:

CBS New Poll: Approve of Congress 14%. Disapprove: 76%. (Poll based on random sample of 1,059 adults nationwide.)

Not that the Democrats give a hot damn. They won, yada yada. For the Bill Schers of the world, I guess we'll find out how happy the American people are about being ignored, condescended to, and demeaned by the president and Congress. Was Bill Clinton right when he told the netroots last year that approval would immediately go up once the bill is passed? Seems like the answer is a big "no" at the moment.

Meanwhile, Americans are stuck with what the Democrats have wrought. And much as they hate the policy rape, they'll come to identify with their captors soon enough.

Why? It's human nature.

First, no one will allow Congress to repeal a law that would take away health care "for the children." Not even the toughest Republican wants to have that conversation with a crying constituent. So it won't happen. So all the talk of "repeal it" is hopeful hokum.

Second, there are Medicare cuts in the bill. The country is going down the economic crapper and cannot afford the current Medicare and Medicaid obligations, so the cuts and the bill stay.

Third, when people pay huge taxes and then get nothing for it, they know the taxes won't go away so they complain about the product. That's what will happen here.

Now, this bill will change everyone's life for the worse, so there's that happy thought. Happy? Well, American citizens from young to old will curse the Democrats.

The young people will be furious because when they voted for Obama with unicorn dreams, they didn't imagine having to actually pay for health care with money that could be used to buy beer. Dude just harshed their mellow.