Ahmadinejad comes to Morningside Heights

Dear GS students,

Yesterday, a number of student leaders met with President Bollinger to address concerns about the campus visit of Iranian President Ahmadinejad on Monday, Sept. 24th, as part of the World Leaders Forum. We know this is a controversial event and we encourage you to read President Bollinger's statement on this invitation to Ahmadinejad to speak on campus.

As with all Columbia University World Leader Forums, attendance at this event is limited and reservations must be made through an on-line

reservation system on the World Leaders Forum website:http://www.worldleaders.columbia.edu/. This event, which is limited to 600 audience members, was filled within one hour of being posted on the website; 80% of the seats for this event were reserved for students. Students leaders asked President Bollinger and his staff if there was a way to broadcast the forum on campus and if there would be a way for students not in attendance to submit questions for the Q and A section of the forum. The university is now exploring ways that this forum can be viewed more widely on campus by members of the university community.

Also, the university has made arrangements for students to submit

questions in advance of the forum on Monday. Anyone wishing to submit a question may do so by e-mailing to the following address: worldleaders@columbia.edu. We suggest that you identify yourself as a Columbia student when submitting your question. We have been told that questions will be randomly selected and asked at the forum along with those questions from the audience members in attendance. More information about this will be posted on the World Leader website later today.

Dean Stellini from the GS Dean of Students Office will be sending out an email later today or this weekend concerning student protests that are planned for Monday related to this event. The administration of the university and the Office of Public Safety are working closely with student groups to facilitate these protests. We want to take this opportunity to remind students of the University Rules of Conduct: http://www.columbia.edu/cu/facets/0708_appendices.pdf

The Rules of University Conduct (Chapter XLIV of the Statutes of the University) provide special disciplinary rules applicable to demonstrations, rallies, picketing, and the circulation of petitions. These rules are designed to protect the rights of free expression through peaceful demonstration while at the same time ensuring the proper functioning of the University and the protection of the rights of those who may be affected by such demonstrations. The Rules of University Conduct are University-wide and supersede all other rules of any school or division. All University faculty, students, and staff are responsible for compliance with the Rules of University Conduct. Copies of the full text are available in FACETS: and at the Office of the University Senate, 406 Low Memorial Library.

Given the heighten level of security expected on campus on Monday due to this event and two additional World Leader Forums, we want to remind students to make sure to have their Columbia i.d.'s on hand.

Mary McGee

Dean of Students and Associate Dean of Faculty

On behalf of the Dean of Students Office

Columbia University School of General Studies