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ADL Report Smears Tea Party Conservatives

The report recently published by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) titled Rage Grows in America: Anti-Government Conspiracies unwittingly describes itself, rather than the object of its contempt, in its own opening paragraph: “fueled by paranoia and conspiracy theories.”

While it would be easy to dismiss the ADL report as the commonplace liberal propaganda it has been producing for decades, in the age of Obama it is unwise to ignore what at any other time is properly ignored. Its implications are of much greater consequence today to every American who is taking a stand against the “remaking” of America.

The report has been all the “rage” in the Obama PR machine -- a.k.a. the mainstream media -- which has exhausted any remaining trace of objectivity by spending a summer and fall crudely mocking average Americans who’ve shown up at town halls and tea parties in a true exercise of “community organizing” that the Beltway-Greenwich cocktail axis just can’t stomach. “Group Finds More Anti-Government Sentiment” on the Caucus blog of the New York Times. “Rage Nation 2.0” on CBSNews.com. And “Crossing the Lines” on the Jerusalem Post website. News outlet JTA more or less reprinted the press release, which is, naturally, filed under “extremism” on the ADL website.

Let’s be clear. This execrable document is not meant to inform; it is meant to stoke the very fear and paranoia it pretends to abhor. The report is saturated with misrepresentation by anecdote and unsubstantiated fear-mongering, so it is quite obvious that ADL means it to be used as a wave-around tool to silence dissent and slide cement shoes on free speech.

If rage is growing, it’s because Americans are waking up to the threat of a White House and a congressional majority intent on exponentially increasing the power of the state and gashing individual liberty. Such things seem not to bother the ADL much. Neither did the sustained two-term assault by the left against President George W. Bush, which makes any current criticism of Obama look like a toy tug-of-war between toddlers.

Under the cloak of exposing “extremism,” ADL is exposing its own antipathy toward limited government and individual liberty, especially the First and Second Amendments. A perfect fellow traveler for an administration working overtime for the same.

Americans are protesting big government, not government. As government grows, individual liberty vanishes. And, as government spending increases, the debt accumulated will create a nightmare for future generations. And our leadership knows this, but just doesn’t seem to care. That is the prime mover of Main Street America’s disaffection with the object of ADL affection.