Actually, 'Love Wins' Wants Hate to Win

A “Love Wins” post-election rally in Charlotte, N.C., was not the apolitical love-fest it pretended to be. Instead, it was a partisan gathering where liberals do what they always do: they demand tolerance of their aberrant views and label anyone who disagrees with them a hater.

As reported by the Charlotte Observer, women from the pro-Hillary Clinton social media group Pantsuit Nation organized the event “to reach across political, racial, religious and other barriers and overcome the fear and anger that accompanied the presidential campaign and its aftermath.”

That alone speaks volumes. What were the causes of the “fear and anger” in the presidential campaign? Who failed to reach across “political, racial, and religious barriers”?

The rally speakers implied that Donald Trump and his supporters were the cause of all the hate and discontent during this political season. But were they? Or did liberals just perceive it to be “hateful” because it didn’t comport with their politically correct agenda?

I’d say it’s the latter. As liberals always do, they define what love is and then accuse others of hate when they don’t conform to that definition. They tell you what “human decency” looks like, and if you don’t comply, you’re a horrible person.

Let me give you a few examples.

Here in North Carolina, we’ve been fighting over the passage of House Bill 2, which tells North Carolinians that if they want to use a public restroom or locker room, they have to use the one that complies with their biological sex. In other words, even if a man is feeling like a woman one day, he can’t simply walk into the girl’s locker room on a state university campus and strip down. He has to use the men’s locker room.

Sounds pretty logical, right? Recognizing the privacy rights of the two sexes is something we’ve been doing for, well, centuries, but all of a sudden the progressive left decided that our sex is fluid. Men can become women, women can become men. No longer are there just two sexes -- there are several in-between. It’s a ridiculous notion, of course, because it rejects mental illness and chemical imbalances as the cause of gender dysphoria and legitimizes it as “identity,” thereby justifying body mutilation as treatment. It also forces the rest of society to embrace an individual’s fantasy as truth, resulting in a collective mass delusion regarding sexual identity.

Those of us who support House Bill 2 and see the violation of privacy rights to be a serious matter have been labeled “haters.” Because we don’t want to open public bathrooms to the opposite sex, we’re discriminating against the LGBT community. We’re bigots. We want hate to win, not love.