ACORN Linked to Illegal Aid for Obama Campaign

On March 19, a lawyer who represents the Pennsylvania Republican State Committee testified before the House Judiciary Subcommittee that a former ACORN worker, Anita Moncrief, told her that she'd been a confidential informant to  New York Times reporter Stephanie Strom. Moncrief told Strom that the Obama presidential campaign committee had communicated to ACORN a list of those of their donors who had contributed the maximum amount allowed by law with the suggestion that ACORN  get additional funds from these people for their Get Out the Vote campaign, an act suggesting the kind of coordination between the campaign and nonprofit  committees which would violate federal law.

The New York Times killed the story once Strom reported this to her superiors at the paper, purportedly because "it was a game changer."

The Times has declined to comment, but I'd be inclined to credit Moncrief's report given the Times' long and shameful history of biased reporting in favor of Obama and the Democratic Party.

Since the election, ACORN has grown ever more emboldened. The organization has been increasingly engaging in the sort of transgressive conduct that even those not given to such hyperbole must compare to  the actions of storm troopers. Thus, the organization they co-founded,"Connecticut Working Families Party," set off on a bus tour of the homes of the AIG employees to intimidate them into rejecting the bonuses Congress had expressly legislated for them. This intimidation was not only fomenting rage against innocent private citizens, but against people whose only offense appears to have been trying to responsibly wind down AIG's operations to protect, among other things, the substantial  taxpayer funds invested in that very action.

Those who've paid attention to the mortgage meltdown know that ACORN was a prime mover in government programs and policies which forced banks to ignore longstanding and sound lending principles to give mortgages to people that they were not likely to be able to afford. And in demanding the jiggering of the rules of economic gravity, ACORN's for-profit housing arm also got a cut of the funds for steering these lambs to their economic slaughter.

You'd think there'd be more said in the press about this and that ACORN would stand ashamed of its role. You'd be wrong. They are only further empowered by the disaster that befell all the lending institutions who succumbed to their pressure and borrowers who were seduced by them into obligations they couldn't possibly meet.  Now they are standing in the way of evictions of those who cannot pay their mortgages. If the banks can't foreclose, it is difficult to imagine how the credit crisis will ever be resolved. Who would ever lend if they cannot upon default recoup the security for the loan with some ease and predictability? How can lending institutions obtain funds to lend if they cannot turn uncollectible debt into assets by reclaiming the foreclosed properties and reselling them?

In the stimulus package, money is made available for the renovation of housing. Some have charged that ACORN will, in Tony Soprano's words, "get its beak in" for millions of dollars, though ACORN denies it has ever sought such funds or plans to do so.  Even if one were to take the word of an organization with such an unsavory history, however, that doesn't mean the federal funds spigot to ACORN has been turned off.

Last Friday, the Senate killed an amendment to the National Service Act (H.R. 1388) that would exclude funding for ACORN. Thus, ACORN is eligible to receive some of the "$5.87 billion to aid 250,000 volunteers across the country in the areas of health care, energy, environment and education." Senator Vitter, the author of the failed  amendment, wanted to exclude from consideration of such funds any group with a political action arm which he argued would "politicize charitable activity around the country."

As Gateway Pundit notes upon the failure of this amendment, religious expression will preclude any group from receiving federal funding. But lying, cheating, forging documents, intimidating fellow citizens and harassing them, and repeatedly and openly interfering with free and honest elections throughout the land apparently gets ACORN a prime spot at the trough.