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Ack! This hotel has horrible bedbugs! Or...does it?

If you happen to be in Manhattan today, you might have seen this gigantic rubber rat. And check out the sign taped to his chest. Egad -- he's warning passersby that there are bedbugs in the nearby Doubletree Metropolitan hotel! Click to enlarge.

Or is he?  Here's a detail of the sign. It has a disclosure statement. Why would a bedbug alert have one of those?

And here's the disclosure statement, up close. Much more up close than any of the unsuspecting passersby are ever likely to get. Click to enlarge.

The union rat isn't really a bedbug warning at all. There were no customer complaints about sleeping with bedbugs. The "warning" is actually just a protest of the fact that the hotel's ownership hired a non-union company to perform services, at an entirely different hotel, as the owners are well within their rights to do.

This giant rat is nothing more than a giant union-sponsored lie.

Update: Tick alert!