A 'Trialogue' in Yad Vashem?

The wording leaves one to understand that it is a matter of an official measure, akin to “No Jews Allowed” in Nazi Germany. In a later version of the report, the sentence now reads: “On benches in Safed, ‘No sitting for dogs, pigs and Arabs' is scrawled in magic marker.” Although not entirely clear, the point has, nonetheless, been understood by Spiegel readers.

In the Spiegel online forum, commentators drew historical parallels: “There was precisely this sort of behavior toward Jews in Germany before the mass murders. An old Jewish man was not allowed to sit in the tram. My mom stood by him as a sort of silent protest.” “It is horrifying that precisely the descendants of those who suffered the most from racism have now become racist themselves.” “History is repeating itself. The comparison hurts -- but it is apt! It cannot and must not happen that the state of Israel, by way of its deeds, statements and thoughts, even just approximates the National Socialist ideology of the German Nazis!” Citing a famous anti-Nazi saying, the last commentator concludes: “Beware of the beginnings -- this holds even in the innermost being of Israel itself!”

And thus history is indeed being passed down from generation to generation. Now, the children of the perpetrators are taking care that the children of the victims do not do it again.

The above article first appeared in German in the Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche. The original German version is available here. The English translation is by John Rosenthal.