A Time For Choosing in the Great RINO Hunt

How exactly did the group not represent conservative values? One could understand the discomfort in supporting a group that pushes for gay marriage but is conservative in all other aspects, but GOProud doesn't even lobby or campaign on the issue.

You can disagree with someone's actions or lifestyle choices, but it is narrow-minded and against what I understand conservatism to be to reject this group from our limited government movement simply because they are gay. Did I mention we have a 15 trillion dollar deficit?

Yet it was issues like this that I heard about over and over again at this year’s CPAC.

I never thought I would look to Ann Coulter as a moderate voice, but her speech at CPAC was precisely right when she said that we need to focus on who is going to appeal to independents if we want to beat Obama – and we must beat Obama. She went on to point out that the only candidate capable of appealing to moderates is Mitt Romney. The rhetoric coming from Rick Santorum and his supporters may appeal to some staunch conservatives, but it isn't winning us any friends in the larger voter pool – and I personally don't even believe it's really in line with conservatism. I find it disheartening that people seem to think Romney (and other candidates too) are "RINOs" when those individuals are actually more conservative, in many ways, than many of our Republican icons. In fact, there is debate as to whether Ronald Reagan would even be elected today because some claim he wouldn't be conservative enough!

We can debate these social issues until we're blue in the face, but at the end of the day, it isn't about who was the most pro-life, or who made the most sense in their defense of traditional marriage. It's about beating Barack Obama and restoring the country to that of a government for, by, and of the people. This is truly, to quote Ronald Reagan, a time for choosing. Are we going to let these issues divide us and prevent us from beating Obama, or are we going to set aside our differences and save this country?