A Sobering Look Ahead to Barack Obama's America

"The world is changed. ... Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it."

Lady Galadriel

Profound trepidation mars a conservative's interpretation of recent events. The presidential debates are finished and Barack Obama remains solidly ahead of John McCain in the Real Clear Politics average of polls. This fact has convinced many Democrats that the election is now over. Certainly they may be guilty of overconfidence, but it is not premature to speculate as to how an Obama presidency will impact the nation.

Formidable will his influence be -- particularly in light of the Democratic Party's 2006 takeover of Congress and the possibility that the left could obtain a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. No doubt November could spawn a monster as many fantasies could become reality. One of Obama's (numerous) mottos is "Yes, We Can." Should the pseudo-liberals find themselves in control of both the legislative and executive branches of government, my senator's words will prove prophetic. In all likelihood, the change he proposes will be real and infinitely believable. Perhaps he wasn't just whistling Ludacris all along.

John McCain said "Senator Government" in reference to his opponent the other night, but this verbalization was more Freudian slip than mistake. The next four to eight years will mark the country's perpetual union with the Leviathan. Even worse, should retirement or death change the makeup of the Supreme Court, the political left will have a stranglehold on America. We will lurch portside at every junction. With all three federal branches under their control, what awaits us is the type of change only Jimmy Carter, Nancy Pelosi, and Al Gore would welcome.

By 2012 or 2016, the alteration of America's fabric will be severe and profound as we will have socialism in our time. Even though political leftists abhor the word, socialism is entirely in keeping with their cherished preferences and initiatives. They salivate over the notion of omnipotent government and wish to regulate the citizenry in innumerable ways. This is evident in their stance on an individual's negotiations with his or her employer, their ability to say "no" to union membership, and the absurd belief that carbon dioxide -- a life-sustaining chemical compound we exhale -- is a "dangerous pollutant" in need of environmental removal.

Aside from a woman's right to murder her offspring, there is nothing in this land that Senator Obama and his ilk do not wish to command and control. Indeed, not until Hillary Clinton was dispatched over the summer did the presidential frontrunner ever once embrace a centrist position. Obama has never seen a tax cut he liked or a federal program he wanted to eliminate. He is what he is: a leftist's leftist.

Today we stand on the brink of socialism. During the recent loan crisis, Representative Jeb Hensarling dubbed the monstrous bailout package -- that the government volunteered us to finance -- something that places us on "the slippery slope to socialism." He was right; although, one could make a convincing argument that we have been sliding in that direction since 1989.

Already Washington is buying up banks. Given their current interventionist stance, nothing will stop our kleptocratic elites from slowly taking over the auto industry or any other entity judged "too big to fail." To neo-socialists, government does not exist to serve the people. The people exist to serve the government. Everything we earn and own should be available to the federocracy as tribute. What becomes of our savings is none of our business.