A 'Right-Wing,' 'Christian' Hate Crime

Well, the big story yesterday was the nut job who attacked the Holocaust Museum, killing a guard. If anything is a "hate crime," this is, though I don't think that means he should be punished more harshly. Yes, it's traumatic for those who appropriately hold the museum in high regard, but he should be punished for the act, not his state of mind at the time.

Of course, the slander has already begun. Not of him, but of "right-wingers" and "conservatives." The standard media template -- that he was a white Christian "right-winger" -- has been trotted out, and the DHS report from last January has supposedly been vindicated. I just heard Ralph Peters, who I would have thought knew better, call the guy a "right-winger" on Cavuto.

But what in his bio makes him "right-wing"?

That he's a racist? Nothing particularly "right-wing" about that. For example, most of the "right-wing" people I know are opposed to racial discrimination, such as job quotas, or voting for a president just because he's black. Unlike "left-wingers," they believe, as Martin Luther King did, that people should be judged "for the content of their character, not the color of their skin."

That he thought people who work for the Fed are "treasonous?" That sounds nutty, but not particularly "right-wing" -- if by that you mean someone who adheres to individualism, the values of the enlightenment, and limited government.

Ah, but he hated the government, I hear you say. Well, maybe, but that's not a particularly "right-wing" notion, either. After all, a lot of leftists hated the government just a few short months ago, until The One arrived, and remade it in his image. Anyway, I'd be willing to bet that he doesn't hate government in general -- based on his writings (more on that in a minute) he wouldn't have hated Hitler's government, but there's nothing "right-wing" about liking Nazis, who were leftists (and pagans).

He reportedly served on a PT boat -- while a few of them saw service in the Mediterranean and even in the British Channel during the Normandy invasion, I'm guessing he was one of the vast majority who served in the Pacific, and could go fight against the "Nips" and "slants" instead of his Aryan, national socialist, "left-wing" hero in Berlin.

I actually downloaded the first few chapters of his "book," so you wouldn't have to. It has a slow connection, but that's the least of its problems. He drank deeply, quaffing down the whole Kool Aid stein of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.