A Pub’s Eye View of Washington Politics

By the 1930s the era of entitlements began with the Social Security Act. These laws were considered progress and benefited millions of Americans, but also carried the seeds of potential national calamity. Poor and careless administration led to unintended growth, fraud and unsustainable debt.  Many politicians were eager to please the noisiest group clamoring for more giveaways.

Progressivism then began a long, patient struggle to come out of the shadows and pursue its dream of a utopian classless society ruled by the elitist brain of man nurtured by science and learning. Various happenings these past hundred years have both retarded their growth and have spurred it as well. With the stated goal of “fundamentally changing the structure of this country,” they are coming close to dismantling our culture and making us servants of a government free of any moral underpinnings.

Much “progress” has already been made. They have almost succeeded in removing God from all public life by perverting the meaning of “separation of church and state.” The founding fathers never excluded God from their deliberations. On the contrary, reference to God is found throughout their writing and private papers. To strengthen our religious freedom, they forbade the government from favoring a particular church over others. Separation of church and state never was meant to mean separation of country and God. Our Christian-Judaic culture is incompatible with the Progressive Socialism that is the inheritor of the Democrat Party.

It is a shame that so many present-day Democrats do not understand their party is now completely dominated by revolutionary Progressives, who are on the verge of seeing their dream of 100 years come true. They are winning by having chosen evolution rather than revolution.

Although the latest line of the pontificating elitists is that we are not a Christian country, they avoid the fact that the culture of this country is western civilization and it’s rooted in Christianity. Their definition of secular now means anti-God. We are indeed a Christian culture nation with recognition of a divine Being, while guaranteeing all citizens the right to believe or not to believe in God and to practice any or no religion. To weaken the foundations of our culture and heritage is a necessary step to eliminating patriotism and love of country. Socialism tolerates only allegiance to the government and it should never be questioned. Government’s “consensus” is never wrong.

(Consensus is a trick of the majority when they don’t have the votes according to the rules.)

While working to remove God and religion from all public facilities, special attention was given to our schools.  Along with God’s disappearance, American history was ignored or distorted. Their greatest gains and our worst defeats are the attacks against our Constitution by making changes, not through the legislative process, but through questionable court decisions.

During these hundred years, academia has done its fair share by educating decades of media people, many of whom serve as the indoctrination and apologist vanguard of the new Progressive Democrat Party.

Most Americans have viewed what has been going on for these 100 years as the normal struggle of a two-party system. There have been strong and heated political battles but these are usually accepted as differences of opinion between two respected groups. The past few elections and the legislative gridlock have made apparent a far more serious problem of governing. The differences between the two parties seem irreconcilable. The time has come for the people to choose between more government and maintaining our freedom.