A Primary Primer for Primary Voting

Democrats are putting on a fun show in Virginia’s 8th District, with a slew of seven candidates vying to become the next Man of the People in a Washington suburb with a median income of $92,181. This seat was left open by Jim Moran’s retirement. Polling seems nonexistent, but if there’s a frontrunner it’s Democrat businessman and Obama White House creature Don Beyer. He’s the insider’s insider, and seems likely to win in a district made wealthy by taxing (and I do mean taxing) the rest of the country.

The Republican Senate candidate, Ed Gillespie, was selected by state convention goers, rather than by primary voters, to square off against Democrat Mark Warner. Warner has shown some weakness, but Gillespie has yet to show any strength, other than with the Virginia GOP establishment.

The only real action going on in Nevada Tuesday is in the 4th Congressional District, where four Republicans are battling for the right to unseat Democrat Steven Horsford. If Niger Innis wins, then NV04 would feature a conservative black Republican running against a black incumbent Democrat in the nation’s most geographically diverse district. Absent another wave in the fall, Horsford may prove tough to unseat in a district Cook rates D+4, so look at NV04 as another test of establishment vs. Tea Party strength.

We don’t get another round of primaries until June 24, with contests in Colorado, Maryland, New York, Oklahoma, and Utah. Perhaps by then, and in one of those important states, we’ll learn the fate or whereabouts of Randall Young.


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