Representatives Must Pledge to Represent the People

This isn’t about party anymore; it is about the continuance of representative government, for the people themselves have become the most underrepresented group in this country. That Democrats place party loyalty above all else is not new, just more blatant. There may have been a time to look to the Republican Party to protect the individual from the power of overwhelming government, but the best one can say now is that they are less bad than the Democrats. The best weapon the people have is the vote, but the ACORNs of the world are even corrupting that -- Democrats using the people’s own money against them. Faced with a growing sense of powerlessness, the term “revolution” has moved up the charts. Once uttered only by the kook fringe, it is now becoming an accepted term for the seemingly inevitable clash between the government and the people. Not a violent revolution, although gun and ammunition sales certainly show that isn’t considered beyond possibility, but some form of voter revolt.

Two of the leading voices on the right differ on the correct path in the voter strategy debate. Rush Limbaugh has clearly made the case that a third party only ensures more Democrats, therefore more loss of freedom. His case is certainly convincing. Glenn Beck has taken the position that to vote for Republicans as a way to reverse the current trend is only to keep making the same mistake over and over again because they have not protected or represented us as they told us they would. Here, again, the argument is a very good one and hard to refute based on recent history.

Rather than party, the focus ought to be on the individual. Is a Dick Durbin any more representative of his constituents than Olympia Snowe? Not really; we lose freedom with both, just at different rates. The recent influence of the so-called Blue Dog Democrats illustrates the power of having a few members of Congress who actually take the oath to represent their voters seriously, even if their motivation is self-preservation. Whatever the ideology, what is needed now is serious return to the representation of the people’s will and an abandoning of the ideology/party power rule that has taken over the government and so threatens us today.

To this end I offer a simple pledge to be taken by all candidates up for election:

* * *

Pledge of Representation

I hereby commit myself, if elected, to execute the duties and responsibilities of the office as your representative according to the following principles:

  1. The Constitution is the supreme law of the land and the duties it conveys and limits to government it sets forth are to be followed. If there is a need to change the Constitution, then the process set forth in the document itself should be followed.
  2. I will represent the interests of my constituency and that of Americans as a whole first, above the interests of any other organizations, including corporations, special interests, trade groups, unions, or advocacy groups that seek to promote narrow agendas or legislation.
  3. America is a country based on freedom and the rights of the individual. It will be my responsibility to protect those freedoms and I will put the consideration of individual liberty before any other in evaluating issues before me. I will not favor the benefit of one group over another in evaluating legislation -- equal before the law means equal before the law.
  4. America is and has been the leader of the free world and it is right and just to aggressively defend her against any threats to her security and to the safety of her citizens.

If my constituents determine that I have not followed these principles to the best of my ability, then they would be justified in voting me out of office at the end of my term.


Joe Candidate

* * *

The pledge does not require a liberal or conservative ideology, only a promise to represent the people over the interests of party or Washington interest groups. It is a return to the principles of representative government, our founding principles. Voters should insist that any candidate, incumbent or challenger, sign the pledge and work against them if they refuse. Any candidate, Democrat or Republican, not signing is refusing up front to uphold the Constitution and to protect our freedom, equality, and security. They are declaring they will not uphold the oath of office they would be taking if they are chosen. Conversely, any politician, Democrat or Republican, fairly judged by their voters to have not honored their pledge deserves to lose their office. It is a standard that either party should embrace and agree to be held to.

The problem is not in the representative system of government; rather it is in the perversion of the government by the current people in office.

They need to go. Now.