A Muslim Brotherhood Smear Job on The Third Jihad

In addition, the presumably “offensive” signs which promise Muslim domination are real signs that have been held by real Muslim Islamists and others at real demonstrations. The most “offensive” moment — that in which an Islamic flag flies over the White House — is taken from an Islamist website.

So — what is “offensive”? The actual Muslim Islamist hate of infidels? The actual Muslim Islamist blowing up of both Muslim and infidel civilians? Or is the offense strictly in exposing this as a reality? And to police officers?

The chilling effect of CAIR’s activism against this film and the media support for it cannot be underestimated. In a recent op-ed piece, Dr. Jasser clarifies the matter. He writes:

The point is not that the small Islamist minority could ever take over the United States, but rather that they pose as moderates as they seek to weaken our advocacy of liberty while Islamists take over Muslim-majority nations abroad and drown out other, genuinely moderate Muslim voices here at home. The imbroglio over the film shows how effective they are at portraying criticism of Islamism as a criticism of all Islam and Muslims.

I understand: Many Muslims in the West may feel somehow implicated, unfairly judged, because of the many Islamist terrorist attacks by Muslims that have taken place. Many Muslims may feel angry, defensive, even insulted by the mere possibility that infidels may be viewing them as fanatic terrorists. But many Muslims are overly sensitive and thin-skinned, vigilant, quick to assert prejudice against them. Why? Perhaps because they have been taught to view themselves as superior and when they are not treated in an overly deferential way they may indeed — psychologically — feel they have been discriminated against.

But let’s be honest. How many Muslim organizations and Muslim religious leaders, both in the West and in the Islamic world, have clearly and strongly condemned Islamism, infidel-hatred, Jew-hatred, Islamic gender and religious apartheid, Islamic censorship, and Islamist terrorist jihad? Not many, are there? Perhaps many private Muslims have done so, privately. However, like Germans under Hitler who may not have shared his views but who did not oppose him — the fact that the majority of Muslims may be peaceful and are not connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, Jamaat-e-Islami, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Taliban, al-Qaeda, or to any other terrorist organization does not exactly constitute a resistance movement. Their understandably human and yet still cowardly or opportunistic silence condemns both their co-religionists and all infidels to savage reigns of Islamist terrorism, censorship, torture, barbarism, and genocide in Islam’s name.

I have no doubt that Westerners, especially those who believe in multicultural relativism, do not understand that multiculturalism is a racist doctrine. But it is for it ultimately denies Muslim citizens in the West access to the same universal rights that others enjoy. It especially condemns Muslim women, dissidents, and apostates to tribal injustice at the hands of their families and communities — and in the West.

I know: There is a “politically correct” worldview that believes Muslims are discriminated against in the West by “Islamophobes.”