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A Migrating Maine Snowe-Bird

It would not shock anyone who follows Snowe to find she is keen on introducing a “trigger” to any legislation on health care. These so-called “triggers” would mean that the government could jump into health care and meddle even if a socialist option is not passed by whatever bill comes out of both houses.

Snowe seems to be trying to make herself a darling of the Obama administration, with the fact that her proposals reflect none of the thinking of her party being of no concern to her. Neither, of course, are the millions of American citizens, many from Maine, appalled by the Obama administration's push to Euro-socialism.

Snowe is a flag-bearer for the Christian Democratic model of right-of-center socialism that pervades Europe. She and her ilk wish to reinvent the American political realm as something far more European than what we once knew.

If she were truly a Republican, she would be pushing to reform laws that prohibit companies from offering cheap health care in all states (such a law exists in Maine). But instead of standing with her party against this onslaught on the private sector, she is looking to work with Obama to come to a solution. We all know where compromise ends up in D.C. -- more government involvement in the matters of private citizens. In her quest for this, her party, their principles, and the people can be damned.

Snowe may call it bipartisanship, but in the end it means a consensus towards socialism.