A Look Back at the 10 Worst Actions Taken by the UN in 2015

Number Six: In 2015 the UN served as a stumbling block to defeating Islamist terrorism.

On September 29, 2015, the secretary-general laid out the UN’s “five keys to success” to “countering ISIL and violent extremism.” Not one of them entailed defeating the enemy on the battlefield. He did, however, have plenty to say about arts, music, sport, alienation, and terrorists’ “grievances.”

Number Seven: In 2015 the UN flinched after the invasion of a UN member and the ouster of its government.

Iran engineered the overthrow of the government of Yemen by Houthi rebels in February 2015. The UN responded with three Security Council resolutions on Yemen that never mentioned Iran.

Number Eight: In 2015 the UN’s top human rights body welcomed more anti-human rights members.

Elected to the UN “Human Rights” Council were countries having among the world’s worst human rights records: Burundi, Ethiopia, and the United Arab Emirates. They join a rogues gallery of UN human rights decision-makers already on the Council, including: Algeria, China, Congo, Cuba, Qatar, Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Number Nine: In 2015 the UN created a platform to promote the destruction of a UN member state.

On October 28, 2015, the UN Human Rights Council convened an extraordinary meeting to hear one speaker question the existence of the UN member state of Israel 67 years ago.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said: “Ladies and gentlemen, haven't you wondered for how long will this protracted Israeli occupation of our land last? After 67 years for how long do you think it is possible for it to continue? ... Seventy years of suffering, injustice, oppression and deprivation and the perpetuation of the longest occupation known to mankind in modern history..."

Number Ten: In 2015 UN “peacekeepers” continued to make war on women, with impunity.

In 2015, the horror-stories of sexual violence by UN “peacekeepers” emerged from the Central African Republic (CAR).

2015 was the year every major tenet of the UN enterprise was subverted. The 2016 solution? Stop bankrolling a multilateral organization that doesn’t work and create a multilateral organization run by democracies that can work.