A Lesson in Politics from Across the Pond

While Butler does not recommend the proposed Conservative solutions to New Labor, he does offer sage advice to a future government willing to consider his ideas. If Conservatives were to adopt his plan as their next manifesto, they might have a chance of sorting out the current mess. His advice encompasses many elements that would work well in the United States, too. A budding 2012 Republican presidential candidate could profit by reading this book and using Butler’s ideas to combat the socialist bias already evident in the Obama administration. The sections entitled "Reasserting our legal rights," "Stopping heavy handed bank regulation," "Getting working again," "Health," "Making welfare work," and the all important "Power back to the people" resonate on this side of the Atlantic.

It is clear that the Obama administration looks to Europe, and specifically to the UK, for socialist ideas. The policies Obama is touting will result in much the same mess that the UK Labor government finds itself in following 12 years in office. Obama's spending plans are no more sustainable than the Labor government's unprecedented spending. Indeed, under current economic conditions, Obama is tempering his spending plans. For now.

While policies put forth by right leaning governments range from the “Blue Dog Democrat” to the Cato Institute-inspired laissez faire flat-tax of Estonia, the goals of socialists are the same worldwide. They are anti-capitalist, pro-government intervention, pro-large government, pro-high taxes, and in favor of the creation of an entrenched and protected political class. Once the socialist tax money flow is in place, it needs a brave government leader to staunch the flow. The first requirement is a good plan to withstand the outcry and panic, which will spring up from those benefiting most from government largesse and increased power.

We can thank Dr. Eammon Butler for beginning the quest for rational solutions which will reverse the socialist drift. Maybe, just maybe, Republicans can heed the lessons from the UK experience and develop a strategy to reverse the policies of the Democratic Party.