A Guide to the Obama Administration's Five Major Scandals for Mainstream Media Dummies

With a month to go before President Barack Obama faces re-election, the president is dealing with five major scandals. Any one of these scandals would sink a mere mortal, but Barack Obama as we all know is no mere mortal. He is a lightworker, author of hope and change, the man whose election should have been the moment that our ailing planet itself was healed. So none of these scandals are much of a threat to him. In political terms Barack Obama is a god, immortal and untouchable.

Barack Obama is politically immortal because our mainstream media is hopelessly immoral. Also, corrupt down to its miserable, rotten core. But should there be one member of the mainstream media who still cares about truth, should there be a single member of the mainstream media who actually cares about reporting these things called "facts," should there be Woodward or Bernstein out there who just wants to make a name for themselves, I have put a little guide together outlining the five scandals that ought to sink Barack Obama's political career.

Scandal 1: Fast and Furious. You might have heard of this one. It involved allowing thousands of guns to "walk" across the U.S. border into Mexico during 2009 and 2010, not coincidentally the height of that country's drug war so far. One of those guns turned up in the hands of a Mexican drug cartel operator, at the murder scene of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Another has been linked to the murder of U.S. Customs Agent Jaime Zapata. So this scandal has an American body count. Fast and Furious also has a Mexican body count that may get up into the hundreds. While the shills in the mainstream media ran shady poll after shadier poll to tell America that the presidential race is over, Univision scooped them, discovering that Fast and Furious operated well beyond Arizona and that some of its guns turned up in all kinds of heinous crimes, including massacres of Mexicans.

Beyond the body count, there lingers the question: Just what did the administration hope to accomplish by letting guns get into the hands of drug cartel operators without tracking those guns adequately? The intrepid reporter can surely run down all kinds of angles and avenues just by seriously asking that single question. Instead of asking that question, though, the mainstream media has picked up its shovels and helped Obama and Eric Holder bury all those Fast and Furious casualties in a hole quite a bit deeper than six feet, known as the Memory Hole.

Scandal 2: Kathleen Sebelius breaks federal law, keeps her job. In February 2012, Secretary of Health and Human Services (that's a federal position, just in case you're not up on your civics) Kathleen Sebelius openly electioneered on government time in her official capacity during a visit to North Carolina. The Hatch Act, a federal law, expressly forbids such activity. The department she heads decided to cover her actions up by re-badging her appearance as a personal one, and had her pay some money to cover expenses. All of that constitutes an active cover-up. An investigation found that Sebelius has indeed violated the Hatch Act, which, as I already mentioned, is not a mere suggestion or guideline -- it's a federal law. Federal officials who are found in violation of the Hatch Act tend to get fired quickly. But Kathleen Sebelius not only has not been fired, President Obama has already appeared with her on the campaign trail since she was found to have violated the law.

The Hatch Act is very serious law. It was written so that government officials could not abuse their power over subordinates for political reasons. By keeping Sebelius on the job, Obama has effectively gutted the Hatch Act and declared open season by higher-ranking government officials on lower-ranking ones.

Scandal 3. Obama administration leaks sensitive national security information for political purposes. In a series of stories that were published in the New York Times, and in a movie production that was set to make a two-hour pre-election infomercial for President Obama, a person or persons within the administration leaked all kinds of sensitive national security information to the media. These persons leaked the names of active Navy SEAL special operators to Hollywood producers, they leaked details of ongoing cyber operations against Iran, and they leaked details about how the president decides when and where to kill terrorists. None of this information should have leaked. All of it hurt our nation's security in one way or another. All of it, if leaked by someone not in the president's inner circle, would get the leaker jailed and charged with serious crimes. No one has been fired, no one has been jailed. Presumably the leaker or leakers still have access to sensitive information and can still leak it whenever they choose. Or are ordered to.