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A Generation of Robots — What Godless Schools Create

The United States Constitution states that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. These are the first words written in our Bill of the Rights -- the very first words -- hence their paramount importance. Our founders knew that upon this freedom to exercise religion, and the unparalleled importance of a faith of one’s choice, rested the cornerstone for not only life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but for the survival of republicanism itself.

Yet the Supreme Court ripped faith, an intrinsic freedom, and a vital coping skill, from our children's developing years based on a letter from a founding father who wasn’t even at the Constitutional Convention. This decision, which resulted from the deliberations of nine Supreme Court justices, single-handedly took away the very essence of human spiritual development, and a basic constitutional right, from our children.

And we just let it stand. We said, "Oh well, that's the final decision." Defeatism, especially based on fallacy, is the downfall of our republic and our citizenry's ability to cope, co-exist, and maintain equilibrium.

By no means should a government-run public school mandate a religion upon a child. But on the other hand, by no means should a government-run public school deny a child the freedom to seek the God of their choice.

Children are not robots. Children are humans with souls that need to be nourished and guided. Our nation’s children deserve a routine time in their school day to enter into a discussion about the God of their choice, or no God, voluntarily. Fifteen minutes a day, kids should freely be able to congregate to the room of their choice, to the God of their choice or to no God at all. This is their freedom to exercise their 1st Amendment right.

It is a mission that will take years, yet it can only be achieved one day, one person at a time. Accumulatively we can accomplish this goal. We must not rest on our laurels. We must seek one another and unite. This basic human right can be re-established either through the legislative branch or, better yet, through state sovereignty. States need to declare, and practice, autonomy in this area. Of course this tide will only be turned by #YourVoiceNow.

No child should be forced to worship a God in school and no child should be forced to deny their God in school.

This is their 1st Amendment right. Let’s get it back for them.