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A Deal to Finance the Iranian A-Bomb

With sufficient oil revenues Iran could cover its welfare needs and finance its costly atomic and ICBM development projects. With its ICBMs it could impose a balance of terror permitting it to activate worldwide terrorist networks, based on American and European Muslim radicals. They could perform spectacular 9/11-type attacks, inflicting immense damage. Iran could then also take over Saudi Arabia and the Gulf emirates.

To become the dominant force in Islam, Iran will try to take possession of Islam’s holy places, Mecca and Medina, and if possible the Saudi oilfields. It will unite Muslims worldwide under a Shiite jihad against the West.

By blocking the straits of Hormuz, Iran can make the price of oil soar. Iran has taken possession of the islands that sit astride the straits, and armed them with land-to-sea missiles. If the Houthis take over Yemen, they will also control the Bab El Mandeb. Iran held several exercises simulating how to resist Western attempts to lift their blockade of the straits. It established bases in the horn of Africa to prevent American reinforcements from assisting in this task.

Initially, Iran may demand a small passage fee, and gradually increase it. No one is likely to go to war with a nuclear Iran over repeated small increases. Eventually, these “fees” will affect a huge transfer of wealth from the West. Europe will become economically and politically weakened, unable to resist Iran’s assaults.

The mullahs are very determined and very capable. Their ambitions should be taken seriously. So should their effort to build a large arsenal of ICBMs, not needed for use against Israel.