A CPAC Case for De-emphasizing Abortion and Gay Marriage

Murray said activists don’t have to abandon their opposition to Roe v. Wade but they should emphasize alternatives like adoption and birth control to limit the instances.

Despite maintaining friendly relations with several gay couples, some of whom he described as doting parents, Murray said he has not been able to embrace the concept of gay marriage, citing the conservative doctrine of tradition.

“I still think it’s a dangerous thing in a philosophical sense,” he said. “But I’m not going to go to the barricades to prevent the passage of laws that permit gay marriage.”

Murray suggested that issues like abortion and gay marriage no longer be imposed as a litmus test on Republican candidates in order to help them attract younger voters.

“We are not going to win these issues through legislative victories,” he said. “It’s going to happen only through moral persuasion and cultural change. There’s a real shot at making it a moral decision of the greatest sort. A lot of people going to buy into that instead of trying to make it illegal.”

And that, he said, will benefit the Republican Party which serves as “the vehicle through which to return to power.”


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