A Challenge to Henry Waxman

President Obama has no affection for the state of Israel and no apparent understanding of its importance to the national security of the United States and to the free world.

He has concocted a phony crisis over permitting housing units for Jews to be built in the capital of the Jewish state. By the time this crisis is resolved -- if indeed Obama sees an end in sight, and whether he does or not is lamentably debatable -- Israel will have been weakened by the necessity of placating Obama, and the interests of her enemies will have been advanced.

Israel’s enemies are also the enemies of the United States. They hate not only Jews but Christians, who are under siege in every Muslim country in which they live as a minority. But Israel is expected to cede land and uproot its citizens in favor of a jihadist aggressor whose aim is world domination.

Obama’s deplorable rudeness and contempt, displayed toward Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his White House visit, is only one signal of the radical sea-change in Israel-U.S. relations. Obama is now seriously considering a request by Qatar’s foreign minister that the U.S. not veto an upcoming UN Security Council vote condemning Israel for building in its own capital.

Until now, only the U.S. stood between Israel and hostile UN resolutions. With Obama at the helm, Israel will no longer be able to count on American friendship as a buffer to international sentiment that is increasingly threatening to Israel and the Jewish people.

One of the most powerful Democratic members of Congress is Rep. Henry Waxman of Los Angeles. Waxman frequently cites his Jewish background as the source of his cultural pride and his liberal values, and he has voiced public support for Israel, even if his actions don’t live up to his rhetoric. Waxman's district is 14% Jewish, and this politically active segment is one of the reasons he has been in office for 35 years.

Considering the work Waxman performed to help pass ObamaCare, it stands to reason that he would have Obama's ear regarding Israel. And per Waxman's previous defense of Israel, it stands to reason that he would be concerned about Obama's treatment of the country. It should be distressing to Waxman’s district that he has remained silent about Obama’s clear antipathy towards our democratic ally.

Waxman’s blind loyalty to President Obama's agenda -- which is contrary to his previously stated positions -- is disturbing.

Throughout history, Jews who stood up for their people against the forces of tyranny were heroes and advanced the cause of freedom for all people -- just as the state of Israel must do now.

By not standing up to Obama, by not spending even a penny of political capital, Waxman is now next to useless as a protector of the Jewish people, as an ally of the state of Israel, and for the cause of freedom.

Waxman’s inaction speaks volumes. He has placed political expedience ahead of the security of Israel and the United States, and the safety of Jews and Christians worldwide.

Waxman must publicly demand that Obama continue to exercise the U.S. veto in the UN Security Council when it votes to condemn Israel. Moreover, he should strenuously criticize Obama for daring to bar Jews from living where they choose in their own eternal and undivided capital, as affirmed by the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 (confirming the status of Jerusalem as Israel’s undivided capital). Obama, in condemning Israel for building in Jerusalem, is disregarding U.S. law.

Waxman should demand that the U.S. move its embassy to Jerusalem, as the Jerusalem Embassy Act requires.