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A Call to Arms for Parents Upset About Obama's Public School Address

You need to understand that there are teachers, principals, and administrators who see themselves on a mission: to rescue students from the "provincial," "backwards," and ignorant parents of the progeny in their care.

You need to know what they are hearing at the National Education Association. From a 7/19/2009 column by Peter Heck, former NEA member:

It was indeed a heartwarming moment. With teachers, representatives, and affiliates to the National Education Association's annual convention gathered around, the NEA's retiring General Counsel Bob Chanin took to the stage to deliver his outgoing remarks. His inspiring and uplifting message asserted the profound commitment held by the NEA to the betterment of American society: "We are not paranoid, someone really is after us. Why are these conservative and right-wing b****rds picking on NEA and its affiliates? I will tell you why: it is the price we pay for success."

Like most liberals, many liberal teachers see conservatives as evil and stupid. Posing as the tolerant class, they dehumanize and vilify those philosophically opposed to their political agenda. They will do their best to "deprogram" your children and convert them to the religion of liberalism.

We must work harder to stay informed, have the courage to go in to discuss classroom situations where teachers have gone too far, and gather like-minded people to work on specific projects that need addressing. We need to attend school board meetings and hold our members accountable. We need to run for school boards ourselves.

Above all, we must stop letting leftists define us and control the discussion.

I just completed 24 hours working successfully to make sure that Obama's September 8 address to students would not interrupt Loudoun County's first day of school. Though the speech will be canned for future use as teachers see fit, I find that a lot less threatening than 57,000 students plugged in to a totalitarian-type telecast. And I trust my own local teachers here to be fair-minded and conscientious in any future use of it.

In a neighboring county recently, a grassroots effort to overhaul the excruciatingly morbid selection of required books for middle and high schools was successful. All it took was a parent taking the time to read every book and cite specific content which was extremely objectionable.

Leftists would call this censorship -- but when you're talking about children 11 to 13, I call it discernment.

The key for parents is to take the time to find out from your kids what is going on in school. Ask good questions. My grandson says that his economics teacher is pushing ObamaCare -- in other words, giving only one side of the argument and not equipping children to see both sides and think for themselves. My grandson will be gathering information calling ObamaCare into question. Our children need to be encouraged to learn how to debate and they need to see us as strong role models.

Be sure to let your teachers and principals know that you support their efforts and that you would never let political differences interfere with a mutually respectful relationship.

But above all, conservative parents who've remained in the closet need to come out now and prepare themselves to defend their schools and their children.