8 of This Week’s Most Absurd Statements About Islam and Jihad

Every time there is an act of jihad terror or a thwarted jihad plot, there is a flurry of attempts to dissociate the atrocities from the Islamic texts and teachings that inspire them. As Muslims in Canada and the U.S. have heeded the Islamic State’s call to attack non-Muslims in their home countries, these attempts have become both more frequent and more risible. A sampling of the latest:

8. Canadian rock star Torquil Campbell blames “fascist” PM Harper for Ottawa jihad attack

The Huffington Post Canada reported last week that the Ottawa jihad murder moved Canadian rock singer Torquil Campbell to call Prime Minister Stephen Harper a “fascist” and claim that “this terrible event will be used by @pmharper to further his authoritarian agenda.” Campbell also fumed that “this government has made this country the kind of place where these things are more likely to happen” and hectored Harper: “tell the lies, foment the fear, watch the people fall in line. it’s a good day to reread 1984.”

Even better, today would be a good day to reread the Qur’an’s ninth chapter – the one that exhorts Muslims to wage war against and subjugate “the People of the Book,” i.e., primarily Jews and Christians.

7. Memo from U.S. consulate refers to Jerusalem jihad terror attack that murdered baby girl as “traffic incident”

Just hours after a Palestinian jihadist plowed his car into a crowd at a railway terminal in Jerusalem, killing a three-month-old baby girl, in a statement expressing condolences the U.S. consulate called the murder a “traffic incident.”

Oddly enough, this “traffic incident” came only days after the “traffic incident” in Canada in which a convert to Islam, Ahmad Rouleau, ran over two Canadian soldiers, murdering one. The U.S. consulate’s fastidiously politically correct choice of words signaled to Palestinian jihadis and the world that the U.S. government is still in the same deep denial about the jihad threat that led it to label the Fort Hood jihad massacre as “workplace violence,” as well as to downplay or deny the Islamic aspect of every other jihad attack and plot.