6 Videos That Show the Truth About the War in Gaza

Shifa, indeed, is not just a rocket-launching site for Palestinian “militants” but also, as the Washington Post’s William Booth reported in July, a “de facto headquarters for Hamas leaders, who can be seen in the hallways and offices.” It’s one way for these leaders to stay safe from Israeli strikes; they know Israel isn’t going to attack them as long as they’re in a hospital, or in Hamas’s command-and-control bunker located just beneath it.

The above excerpt from a 2006 PBS documentary tells us that, even back then, “armed militants inside Shifa are one of the hospital’s biggest problems…and they all try to use their military muscle to get special treatment.” We then see a “militant” try to bully and threaten a doctor into giving two of his friends a private room; the doctor, to his credit, stands his ground.

On July 28 NBC News reported (the story has meanwhile been revised in light of Israel’s objections) that Israel had launched a drone strike at Shifa. Now what would Israel—already under concerted pro-Hamas media assault along with fierce public criticism from U.S., UN, European, and other leaders—stand to gain from targeting a hospital? Even if there were “militants” inside, seemingly the resulting U.S. and world outrage would overwhelm any military benefits. But you know those Israelis, cruel and sadistic just for the hell of it.

It turned out, of course, that on that same day the Israel Defense Forces released aerial photos showing that the hospital, along with the Shati refugee camp, was hit by misfired Hamas rockets. The IDF’s version was later confirmed by a Spanish reporter.