6 New Examples of Muslim Outreach to Jews and Christians


5. Muslims forcing closure and demolition of churches all over Ethiopia

Last week Ethiopian authorities, responding to complaints from local Muslims, destroyed the building housing the Y Semay Birihan Church (Heaven’s Light Church), located in the overwhelmingly Muslim city of Harar. The Christian news site BosNewsLife reported that “efforts by local majority Muslim populations to ‘eliminate the public presence’ of churches resulted in the forceful closure, destruction and demolition of several church buildings in recent years.”

Cameron Thomas, an official of International Christian Concern, explained:

Corrupt officials willing to defend their religion rather than the laws they’ve sworn to uphold, are violating Christians’ rights by forcibly closing, destroying and demolishing churches across Ethiopia.

Islamic law forbids non-Muslims to build new houses of worship or to repair old ones. It seems as if Muslims in Ethiopia, with help from compromised officials, are trying to establish that prohibition there.