5 Sharia Atrocities for Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres to Protest

3. Sudan: Pregnant Christian convicted of apostasy, adultery

It was revealed Tuesday that in Sudan, “a Christian carrying her second child to term has been convicted of adultery and apostasy, penalties that are punishable in Sudan by 100 lashes and death, respectively, according to International Christian Concern.”

Meriam Yahia Ibrahim is a Christian, but has a Muslim father, so under Sudanese law (and Sharia), she is a Muslim and as a professing Christian is an apostate from Islam. The adultery charge arises from her marriage to a Christian – an illegal marriage for a Muslim woman according to Sharia.

Forcible coercion of the conscience, and the death penalty for exercising it in a way unacceptable to the establishment: sounds like the stuff of a great, dramatic Hollywood movie upholding the freedom of conscience.