5 Sharia Atrocities for Jay Leno and Ellen DeGeneres to Protest


Opposing Sharia is fashionable now. According to Fox News, “the Beverly Hills Hotel just lost two more big-name clients, Clive Davis and Jeffrey Katzenberg, because its owner is introducing an Islamic Shariah-based penal code in the oil-rich East Asian country of Brunei. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah announced last week that he would push ahead with the criminal code that would eventually include severing of limbs and death by stoning for people who are gay or commit adultery. The Sultan – through the Brunei Investment Agency – owns the Dorchester Collection luxury hotel chain, which manages the Hotel Bel-Air and The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles.”

It wasn’t just Davis and Katzenberg: “the Feminist Majority Foundation also relocated its Global Women’s Rights Awards, co-chaired by Jay Leno and his wife Mavis, that had been scheduled for Monday at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Leno and actress Frances Fisher joined protesters at the famous hotel speaking out against the Sultan.” Fox noted other “outraged stars,” such as Ellen DeGeneres, Sharon Osbourne, Stephen Fry and Richard Branson.

This Hollywood outrage against Sharia oppression is refreshing and welcome, but it is a bit out of focus. Brunei is not the first country to implement Sharia. Nor is it the only Muslim country stoning adulterers, amputating thieves’ hands, and systematically oppressing women, gays and non-Muslims. The sultan of Brunei isn’t implementing some eccentric form of Sharia that has never before been seen in the world. What he is implementing is essentially the same as that which has been in place for years wherever Sharia is fully implemented, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, and (mostly) Pakistan.

So for consistency’s sake, here are five recent Sharia outrages that Jay and Ellen and the rest may wish to protest as well: