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Second Letter from a Fearfully Concerned Muslim to an American-Jewish Friend

In my letter to you, I expressed my fear of how a culture of narcissism (as Christopher Lasch called it) and political correctness (as Allan Bloom laid bare in The Closing of the American Mind) have contributed to the present situation in American politics that you and I deplore. What I implied is that America’s retreat from its role as leader of the West will mean an absence of an effective check to the malady that has brought ruin to the Muslim world, and that this affliction will spread. An isolationist America and a weakened West, its Enlightenment values irreparably corroded, is ominous for everyone who loves freedom.

Though I come from within the body of the majority mainstream Sunni Islam of the Hanafi school of Islamic rites, to which most Muslims in South Asia, Central Asia and Southeast Asia belong, I am cognizant and respectful of the diversity of traditions within Islam and among Muslims. Though weakened in recent times, it must be recognized despite the media’s understandable preoccupation with the convulsions of the Muslim world. We must especially resist the malicious efforts of those, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, who crudely insist -- to their own perverse advantage -- that Islam is monolithic.

Let me pause here for now, and I will return shortly.