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Too much to ask? Tyler asks:

Can we expect our presidents to have served in state or local government, Congress, or the military before shooting for the Oval Office? Is that really too much to ask?

Tyler, actually, yes, not only is it too much to ask, I think it's the wrong thing to ask. Oh, I'd probably waffle on the military, being a devout Heinleinist who thinks maybe Federal Service should establish citizenship.

But one of the core notions of "conservatism" is that government is more often the problem than the solution. I'd far rather have a person who has made a billion dollars through doing something productive than someone whose business experience is limited to asking, "Do you need room for cream?" and who claims an Economics degree and thinks a $15 an hour minimum wage would actually help poor people.

Frankly, I think any candidate for office who has served in the government in any capacity other than the military should be considered guilty until proven innocent.