20/20 Mocks Use of Guns for Self-Defense

Next, Danielle, the student who was a gun novice, was placed in the same situation Joey had been in and she not only got her gun out of the holster but actually shot the classroom intruder with paintball bullets. Yet she was hit in the process, so Sawyer dismissed Danielle's success by insisting she would've been killed in a real attack because of her poor shooting posture (never mind that she might have saved countless lives in the process). Said Sawyer: "A weapon ... won't save you if your body's in the wrong place," thus proving that even citizens who draw their weapons and shoot intruders dead still can't claim to have effectively used a gun for self-defense unless their shoulders were perfectly perpendicular to their target. What a joke.

Throughout this entire episode of 20/20 the Left's habit of projecting their own fears and ignorance upon the population as a whole was exemplified. From equating shooting toy guns with real gun experience to discrediting Danielle's success because her split-second reaction didn't result in perfect body positioning, Sawyer's foregone conclusion was evident throughout the show.

And the week-long lead-up to "If I Only Had a Gun" on 20/20's website had been just as biased and just as full of fear and ignorance as Sawyer's April 10 mantras proved to be. For example, their website was full of useful reminders like: "[There were] more than 50 deaths resulting from mass shootings in the past month alone."

And just as Joey's failure to get his gun out from under his shirt seemed to prove Sawyer's point until you saw how he was made to carry the gun and that his previous "gun experience" had been with Air Soft toys, so too 50 gun-related deaths in a month seem like a lot until we consider how many times guns were used to deter crime during that same period. Had Sawyer and her comrades told the whole story, 20/20's viewers and readers would've known that a gun is used to deter crime in this country 2.5 million times a year, or 208,333 times a month. Which means the 50 deaths from last month are being exploited for some reason while no attention is given to the over 200,000 uses of a gun to deter crime during that same time period.

20/20's website also warned: "Only six states ... require any kind of training before issuing a routine permit to own a gun." These sorry leftists miss the fact that Americans are offended that even six state legislatures "require" their citizens to ask permission to own a gun.

The bottom line is this, folks: Sawyer and her liberal friends neither understand nor value freedom. They fail to grasp that when George Washington said, "A free people ought to be armed," he didn't mean that "a free people (who have passed a firearms training course and applied to their state government for permission to own a gun) ought to be armed." He meant that the mark of free people would be gun ownership, and this is something the Left cannot tolerate.