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Syria and The Obama Administration: On the Wrong Side of History

The following table speaks for itself.

Syria and The Obama Administration: On the Wrong Side of History

SyriaThe Obama Administration
State Sponsor of Terrorism, State Department:

Syria, since December 29, 1979

On January 26, 2011, President Obama appointed Robert Ford as the first US ambassador to Syria since 2005.
Resolution Concerning Syria Adopted March 24, 2011, UN Human Rights Council

Title: “Human rights in the occupied Syrian Golan”

Only party criticized: Israel

Sponsors:  Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, the Group of Arab States, the Group of African States, the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Vote:  29 in favor, 1 against (the United States), 16 abstentions

“The Human Rights Council [is] Deeply concerned at the suffering of the Syrian citizens…due to the systematic and continuous violation of their fundamental and human rights by Israel…”

U.S. UN Ambassador to Geneva Eileen Donahoe, March 24, 2011, UN Human Rights Council, Geneva:

“We are coming to the end of a session that has marked a significant shift at the Human Rights Council.  We believe this session has been important in part because it coincided with an important moment in history, and because the Council has shown itself able to deal with changing circumstances on the ground…”