Are a href=""Christian men too wimpy/a? (Thanks to the reader who sent this to me):br /br /blockquoteThree hundred men — all Christian — gathered behind closed doors at a Tennessee mall trying to figure out the difference between being "nice" (which is not good) and being "good" (which is). They struggled in the dimly lit hall — after a Christian rock band handed it off to the comic in charge — to make sense of the message they were hearing from the stage: that church has been "feminized" and that the Jesus talked about in many modern churches is too wimpy and gentle./blockquotebr /br /At the end of the article, there is discussion about men liking pornography--and how they "may simmer in shame indefinitely, rather than ask for help to stop." It seems like a double bind here, first, the men are considered too wimpy and yet, they are also supposed to ask for help for looking at pornography. Huh?