There is a lot of controversy in the news about whether or not antidepressant drugs cause suicide. But what happens when depressed or disturbed people do not take these drugs? Maybe a href=""something like this/a (Hat tip to reader Susan):br /br /blockquoteTORONTO — Andrea Johnson had long battled the "monster" of depression, but in the end decided not to take prescribed antidepressants out of fear that her breast milk would harm her 2½-year-old son, her family said yesterday. br /br /The sister of the 30-year-old who leaped from a Highway 401 overpass early Sunday evening, ending her son's life and her own, said Ms. Johnson made that fateful decision based on two fears: appearing crazy, and hurting her son, Sulla, who was still being breastfed. /blockquotebr /br /Would antidepressant drugs and psychotherapy have helped? Maybe, and the outcome certainly would have had to be better than the alternative. But my real question here is, "why was this woman still breast feeding a two-and-a half year old?"