So, the Amish school house where ten girls were shot by Charles Carl Roberts IV a href=""is now demolished:/abr /br /blockquoteWorkers with machines moved in before dawn Thursday and demolished the one-room Amish schoolhouse where a gunman fatally shot five girls and injured five /br /Though known for constructing buildings without the aid of modern technology, the Amish relied on an outside demolition crew with heavy machinery to bring closure to the painful chapter in their peaceful /br /β€œI think the Amish leaders made the right decision,” Mike Hart, a spokesman for the Bart Fire Company, said as loaders lifted debris into dump trucks to be hauled /br /A group of 20 to 30 people, most of them Amish, gathered nearby to watch as the schoolhouse was leveled. β€œIt seems this is a type of closure for them,” Hart said./blockquotebr /br /I guess it's already been emten whole days /emsince the killing and everyone, including the Amish, want closure on this horrible incident. So now that the murderer has been forgiven and the school demolished, I wonder if that will help erase the memory of the five murdered girls from their minds? If it is true that the Amish think that the girls are a href=""better off than their survivors/a, why knock down the school house at all--shouldn't it stand as a symbol of these girls going to a better place?