Dave, at a href="http://thecrisper.com/index.php/category/nutrition/"The Crisper Blog/a, thinks french fries should a href="http://thecrisper.com/index.php/2006/05/08/coming-soon-a-ban-on-fries/#more-226"remain legal/a.br /br /Update: I see a href="http://www.slashfood.com/2006/04/06/proposed-senate-bill-for-banning-french-fries-in-schools/"here /a that there is talk of banning french fries in schools. Do you think we could get them to ban the fruit pies and candy the schools manipulate our kids into selling every year to raise funds? I sure hope so, because I am tired of my kid looking pathetic and sad that she did not win a party in class because of her poor ability to sell this artery clogging fare endorsed by her principal. Why is it okay to be selling expensive fattening pies "for the good of the school" when it is not okay to provide cheap fattening fries "for the good of the children?" Who do the schools think are buying these fattening pies and candy? Uhhh...could it be the same parents who will serve it to the same kids who are not supposed to be eating this type of food at school? What kind of hypocritical message does this send to kids?