Do you think Al Sharpton will come out to protest a href=""this crime/a? I doubt /br /Update: For those who want a direct link to the pitiful initial emNYT/em's story on this case, a href=""here it is/a. Notice the bland headline--"Chase Led Man into Car's Path." Here is an a href=""updated story /afrom the emNYT's/em from today that gives more information. Luckily, one of the thug's grandparents described his progressive child-rearing plan--just give a kid everything they want so they won't steal from others:br /br /blockquoteRodney Jenkins, a grandfather of one of the 15-year-olds, said he spoiled his grandson so he would never be lured into the thuggery that upends the lives of so many young black men. "He has a jacket for every day of the week and stack of jeans," Mr. Jenkins said. "We do that so he won't have to go to the street to sell drugs."/blockquote br /br /Yep, always best to bribe the kids so they don't take to the streets.