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10 Attack Lines Romney Should Use in the Debates

4. Millionaires and billionaires

When the subject of taxing the rich comes up, Romney should point out that while Obama routinely demagogues “millionaires and billionaires,” Obama has raised tens of millions of dollars from some of the wealthiest Americans on Wall Street and in Hollywood.

Killer line: “Just once, Mr. President, I'd like to hear you tell an audience of your multi-millionaire admirers in Hollywood that they've 'made enough money'.”

5. The embassy attacks

The attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya and the protests at other embassies are sure to come up in the foreign policy debate. In addition to attacking Obama for his administration's constantly changing version of events, the security failures on the ground, and the broader failure of his Middle East policy, Romney should hit him for retiring to bed while Ambassador Chris Stevens was still unaccounted for. And for flying off to a fundraiser in Las Vegas while U.S. embassies were still under siege.

Killer line: “Your secretary of State once questioned whether you could deal with a crisis phone call at 3:00 a.m., and now we know the answer: the phone was off the hook, and there was a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.”

6. Free speech

Moving on from the embassy attacks, Romney should steer the discussion towards the issue of free speech. He should attack the Obama administration's appeasement of Muslim protesters, from the TV ads that aired in Pakistan to Obama's speech at the UN. He should also pull Obama up on this line from his recent interview with Univision:

The natural protests that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they can also directly harm U.S. interests.

Romney should ask Obama if he really thinks that laying siege to embassies and burning the American flag are “natural” reactions to a third-rate YouTube video.

Romney should also say that the arrest of the man linked to the film Innocence of Muslims sends out the wrong message to the Muslim world (notwithstanding the fact that he is actually accused of parole violations). He should point out that while Obama said in his UN speech that insults to Christianity and other religions should be condemned along with insults to Islam, his administration hasn't condemned the return of Piss Christ to New York or the Broadway musical The Book of Mormon. Indeed, Hillary Clinton went to see that musical. Romney can reference his own Mormon faith here, saying that while he might be hurt by seeing his religion mocked, he would never seek to silence those who mock it.

Killer line: "The president began his term of office four years ago by apologizing to Muslims and the Arab world, and he's still apologizing to them today."

Killer line #2: “As president you swore to defend the First Amendment along with the rest of the Constitution, not to qualify it.”

7. The real unemployment rate

Romney will obviously take every opportunity to attack Obama for the unemployment rate, but he should make clear that the rate would be even higher were it not for the fact that millions of American have given up looking for jobs. Estimates of the “real” rate range from around 12 percent to 15 percent or even higher.

Killer line: "Your administration told Americans that if Congress passed your $700 billion stimulus, unemployment wouldn’t go above eight percent. They did pass it, and it's never been below eight percent for 44 straight months.”