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Imagine All the People Living in Islamist Hegemony: Why Lennon and Dylan Know All About Islamist Hegemony

Consider if these song lyrics had been Arab Muslim tradition. We do this as an exercise in understanding of Arab (and Turkish and Persian) politics:

“A bullet from the back of a bush took Medgar Evers' [an African American civil rights leader] blood,

A finger fired the trigger to his name [This is how Bashir Gamal, Anwar Sadat, and King Abdullah I were killed.],

A handle hid out in the dark,

A hand set the spark,

Two eyes took the aim,

Behind a man's brain,

But he can't be blamed,

He's only a pawn in their game. [Terrorism, which was organized by Muslim extremists and then Arafat and Hizballah; 1950 Fatah, 1982 Southern-Lebanese Islamists, 1981Egyptian Islamist extremists]

A South politician preaches to the poor white man,

'You got more than blacks, don't complain,

You're better than them, you been born with white skin,' they explain [Proper thinking Muslim and anti-Israel sentiment]

And the Negro's name [Anti-Islamist]

For the politician's gain,

As he rises to fame,

And the poor white remains,

On the caboose of the train [i.e. the rank and file Muslims; the wretched of the earth],

But it ain't him to blame,

He's only a pawn in their game.

The deputy sheriffs, the soldiers, the governors get paid,

And the marshals and cops get the same,

But the poor white man's [Arabs and Muslims] used in the hands of them all like a tool,

He's taught in his school,

From the start by the rule,

That the laws are with him,

To protect his white skin,

To keep up his hate,

So he never thinks straight,

'Bout the shape that he's in,

But it ain't him to blame,

He's only a pawn in their game.

From the poverty shacks, he looks from the cracks to the tracks,

And the hoof beats pound in his brain,

And he's taught how to walk in a pack,

Shoot in the back,

With his fist in a clinch,

To hang and to lynch [Radical Islamist, both Sunni and Shi’a],

To hide 'neath the hood,

To kill with no pain,

Like a dog on a chain,

He ain't got no name,

But it ain't him to blame,

He's only a pawn in their game...”