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Who's to Blame? In Media, Palestinians Avoid Responsibility

Every day, there are verbal attacks on Israel as well. Israel is only offered real peace as a propaganda measure:

The promised Palestinian state will be nothing but a shadow entity completely ruled by Israel.

Remember that if the Gaza Strip is being included in the 22 percent allegedly offered to the Palestinians, Gaza is not controlled by the PA. Therefore the PA has no authority to be negotiating about Gaza. Hamas is not ready to accept Israel under any conditions.

An op-ed by Ahmad Tibi in The Hill -- a publication widely read by Congressional staff -- claims that in the negotiations on a two-state solution, Israel is subjecting Palestinians to “‘Jim Crow’ treatment.” Tibi’s claim is that the problem is not one of conflict between two national groups, but of systematic racism in which Palestinians are always the victim. Yet since 1994, Palestinians have had self-government and have voted to determine who would rule in the West Bank and Gaza.

After two decades of Palestinian self-rule, including its own armed forces and economy, and after having received billions of dollars in aid, the Palestinians, Tibi is arguing, have not been responsible for ruling themselves.

In a recent poll, two-thirds of Jewish Israelis agreed that they would hear the Palestinian narrative in school. Can you imagine the opposite? Of course not. Some years ago, I actually lectured at a Palestinian university, and my affiliation was omitted from the syllabus.

Despite 50 years of cross-border terrorist attacks against Israel, missiles fired at Israel, attempts to boycott Israel, and failure to pay Israel for providing electricity to the Palestinian territories, the New York Times article claims:

The Authority’s financial insolvency is creating more problems for Palestinians in the Occupied Territories, especially the young.

If a PA government that has existed for two decades wants a situation in which stability is impossible, how can the virtual state of war be blamed on Israelis? Note that when Israel withdrew from the settlements in 2005, the equipment that was left was either stolen or destroyed by Palestinians, not used for prosperity. And who started the rocket wars?

For 50 years, Palestinian attacks and victims have been boasted about.

The basic construction of the argument is this: We fought and attacked Israelis, and yet throughout the years, only the Israelis were responsible for our suffering.

If the PA cannot credit Israel with any good act, how can the PA make peace with Israel? How credible can it be?

After two decades of self-rule, Palestinian public figures can say that Israelis don’t want peace, and that Jews subject Palestinian to Jim Crow treatment. Israelis and Jews say nothing of the kind. Yet are condemned as horrible oppressors and racists. What a pathetic presentation by the Palestinian side.