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The War Among the Jews

But the fact is that the academics, journalists, and public advocates who are involved are often Jewish. I actually fear reading the bylines and quotes in publications, because I know that Jewish names are so often attached to “progressivism.” Some causes of this may be obvious. Both fascists and extreme nationalists have of course been hostile to Jews, as far back as the Dreyfus affair. Yet you would think that Jews were knowledgeable about history. Naturally, Jews are sympathetic toward minorities and more sensitive about racism. But why do Jews think that the state is their friend? The state has also often been the enemy. Still, many Jews are directed to professions and high-level academic achievement, which can focus on statist-finance involvement.

There is still anti-Semitic bias in the U.S., and it is most often seen among the left with their lack of sympathy for Jewish causes and dishonesty in dealing with Israel policy. Israel is by far the country that others are the most unfairly biased toward -- higher than any bias against Muslims. Yet this is not recognized by Jews, because it makes radicals look better. And, of course, if this is a real bias, then the fact that some Muslims want genocide is not taken seriously, especially in university classes.

Let’s look at the facts. FBI statistics report that in 2012, 62.4% of hate crimes in the United States were against Jews, who make up about 2 or 3 percent of the U.S. population. Muslims were the number-two targeted group victimized on a religious bias, with 11.6% of hate crimes being anti-Islamic. Although the statistics available on Islam are not detailed, Muslims make up roughly 1 percent of the population. Of course only claims that are reported to the FBI are published.

The question then is: Is anybody going to wake up to this or not? Are Jews going to realize that the two-state solution is only desirable if it really brings full peace? If so, the Jewish Democratic vote would change drastically. And if peace were achieved, would Middle Eastern Arabs no longer want to try to wipe out Jews and Israel?

Have no doubt that many public officials, journalists, and especially academics will, as a priority or out of ignorance, place Jews and Israelis in jeopardy.