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Lying About Israel

I must admit that the funniest falsehood is simply the result of chutzpah. A recent New York Times article was titled: “Gaza Need Not Be a Sewer.” Now, let us think that you are a rational person. Wouldn’t it be obvious to think this? Of course Gaza need not be a sewer.

For one thing, the Hamas government could have used the chance of getting a lot of money from oil producers, but then it could not wage war on Israel forever. Hamas would be expected to pay its electricity bills, and could not expect Israel to provide it electricity for free while under the threat of destruction. It would not use anti-Semitic stereotypes in a clear sense that conveys genocide. And note that Hamas’s involvement in Egypt would be criticized.

After the disengagement of Jewish settlements in Gaza, the Israeli approach was to leave behind much of the equipment for the PA, in order to set a good example. Yet Fatah sold or destroyed everything that was left behind. It is quite likely that Hamas also earned a large amount of money from this.

Really then, is Gaza’s problem Israel’s fault? Did Israel have an alternative given Hamas’ desire to wage war on Israel? The point is that it is assumed that somehow Gaza could have become a paradise, and it was Israel’s fault that it didn’t. In addition, this situation is going to continue as such. And by the way, Hamas is now helping revolutionary Islamists in Egypt and creating another enemy. This gets Gaza deeper embroiled in regional hostilities.

No, Gaza need not be a sewer. If you lie systematically about someone else, you will not find the truth about yourself.