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Tonight I’m Gonna Party Like It’s 19[3]9

Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East 

Let’s see. Can you imagine this misdirected “detail”? Simply: the almost decades-old effort to destroy Israel.

1929: Hebron massacre of Jews. No Arabs massacred.

1937-1939: Arabs fight war against British mandate of Palestine including terrorist assassinations.

1939: Jordan and Egypt are inclined to prevent Israel by diplomatic means but the Palestinian Arabs, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq want violence.

1939: Saudi Arabia secretly negotiates weapons purchase for the Palestinian Arabs from Nazi Germany.

1939: Muslim Brotherhood subsidized by Nazi Germany. Seventy-five years later, the grandson of the head of the Brotherhood and the son of the Palestinian European leader were permitted by the New York Times, without contradiction, to write that the Brotherhood believed in parliamentary democracy and was pro-British during the war. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood and the Arab-Palestinian leadership from Berlin were advocating massacres of the Jews in Egypt, and the government was providing maps of British fortification to the German army.

1941: The Palestinians' Arab leadership asks for a safe haven in Berlin. For the next four years, this leadership organizes thousands of German Nazi troops and SS imams, advises the German government, sends delegations to concentration camps with an eye on setting up death camps throughout the Middle East, etc.

1941: Massacre of Jews in Baghdad; revolt by radical Iraq’s Nazi ally put down.

1948: Refusal of UN partition giving a Palestinian Arab state.

1955: Soviet-Egyptian alliance.

1956: Suez War: Israel pressed to pull back by U.S. victory but gets nothing.

1967: Israel attains victory.

1967: 1970 War of Attrition.

1970: Arab summit--no recognition of Israel, no negotiations, no peace.

1970-1982: Decades of terrorism; the murder of any Israeli in reach; yet relatively little retaliation. And there was the assassination of almost every Arab leader willing to make peace with Israel.

1973: War.

2000: Refusal of UN partition to receive a Palestinian Arab state.

Okay, why go on?