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No Good Reason: Why Are 104 Palestinian Terrorists Being Released?

Perhaps the secret promise pertains to Iran and its nuclear weapons drive. But what would that be? Is the Obama administration going to attack Iran, or cooperate with Israel in doing so? Of course not. Even if such a promise was made, does anyone believe this?

Merely to continue past presidencies’ policies toward Israel would not be sufficient to get such continued concessions in exchange for nothing new.

Was there a credible threat against Israel, wherein Obama would do something terrible or apply pressure if he didn’t get his way? As the saying goes in Hebrew, yesh gavul -- there’s a limit.

As for the nominal reason for the Netanyahu policy, the prime minister has said that perhaps there is some real chance for peace this time. We know he doesn’t believe that.

What will be the real effect of this release?

-- Undermining Israel's credibility.

-- Increased risk of terrorism to Israeli citizens.

-- New confidence in Palestinian intransigence.

-- Encouragement of Palestinians to commit terrorism, believing there will be no -- or a reduced -- price.

-- Convincing the PA that it can get something for nothing.

-- Persuading Europeans and Americans into believing they can endlessly pressure Israelis into concessions.

Would America release al-Qaeda terrorists from Guantanamo Bay in the belief that this would lead them to make peace? I just don’t get it. There is simply no proper motive for following such a terrible policy.