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Farce: U.S. Says Israel-Palestinian Talks Resuming. Israel, Palestinians Disagree

Why, if Palestinians are so eager and desperate to get a state, do they not ... try to get one? Has anyone considered the logic of their public positions?

Why should Israel have to again make a concession of freeing Palestinian terrorists who murdered Israeli civilians to get peace talks?

Especially when the Palestinian Authority -- and those previously released -- have returned to murder!

Why dd the U.S. promise to Israel that it would support the 1947 ceasefire lines plus settlement blocks as its new borders even get mentioned in the coverage, when the U.S. made a conflicting promise of the precise 1947 ceasefire lines to the Palestinians? This was a huge break of a promise to Israel, as the promise was the basis for Israeli concessions.

Why should any future U.S. guarantee from this administration to Israel be believed?

These are only some of the questions that should be raised. The public debate is being conducted on a false, sloppy, inaccurate basis in which the mainstream media and the U.S. government can't even get their faces straight and remember what happened a few years ago.