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Obama Administration Middle East Policy: See What I've Been Trying to Tell You?

hagel February: Why Chuck Hagel Is Really So Scary...

Q: How can the U.S. government ignore a dozen years' record of an Islamizing regime in Turkey, the destruction of democratic institutions, and now the violent suppression of peaceful demonstrations?

A: Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Can Americans really not realize this?

Q; How is anti-Israel sentiment reaching record heights in the American elite without any real reaction from the American Jewish community and support for the actual policies—though not the cultural-ideological manifestations—by American Jewish politicians?

A: Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Can Americans really not realize this?

Q: How can U.S. policy negotiate with the Taliban when anyone should see that this will signal to the Afghan government that it cannot trust Washington and there's also that little matter of September 11?

A: Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Can Americans really not realize this?

Q: How can the U.S. government and media constantly criticize Israel as intransigent when the Palestinian Authority has refused to negotiate seriously for 12 years while Israel has been ready to talk at any time without preconditions and has repeatedly made concessions to encourage talks?

A: Pretty amazing, isn’t it? Can Americans really not realize this?

Q: Well, don’t you have anything else to say?

A: Sure. Look, I don’t have any problem understanding why this is U.S. policy. Some people tell me that while my ideas are good my harsh language prevents serious, open-minded others from listening to it. I think the rules have changed. That dissent is kept out of the mass media as much as possible. Why don't I hear what I'm saying with nicer wording? Doesn't the strength of the argument and evidence prevail any more? Isn't the crisis bad enough to justify urgency and strong warnings? Haven't my predictions been accurate? If you want, take my arguments, change the wording, and explain in a polite way the worst Middle East policy in U.S. history. Go right ahead. Oh, and remember how many people are dying, being oppressed, and injured because of these policies.

What I cannot understand is that about half the American people (and more than half of American Jews) who are facing the government that has been indifferent to U.S. interests, that is signalling a desire to appease enemies and jettison friends, and that shows an indifference to Israel’s security (I mean regional mainly, not so much bilateral) greater than any administration in history seem as if they don’t realize it after four years of  error.


images courtesy shutterstock / argus