If the Muslim Brotherhood is Taking Over Tunisia What Hope is there for Anyone Else?

One columnist in the Guardian is critical of the Muslim Brotherhood ruling party in Tunisia. Why? Because it is moving in an anti-democratic direction? No. Because it isn't working hard enough to integrate the "moderate" Salifists. Note this new invention, following that of the "moderate" Islamists and "moderate" Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, to show Tunisia's gratitude for the Obama administration's help in its turnover of power to the Brotherhood, twenty people were sentenced for an attack on the U.S. embassy in which four assailants were killed and many wounded last September. They received a two-year suspended sentence. Tunisia is also the only Arab country where an eternal refusal to accept Israel, even if Israel and the Palestinians agree on a two-state solution, is written into the Constitution.

At any rate, things do not look good for Tunisia. And if Tunisia can’t make a real, non-Islamist democracy, there is scant hope for Egypt, Syria, or any other Arab state to do so.